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Mr. Captor captures still images on your desktop, including the entire desktop
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The program Mr. Captor is targeted for capturing the screen content and saving into a file the picture you got. Besides the traditional ways of capturing the whole display's window and an active application window, Mr Captor is able to take a shot of a randomly chosen part of the image (a rectangular, elliptic or freehand), of a program menu, the cursor, a color area, and also of chosen parts of the program windows panels, for example, of the button panels or dropdown lists. The utility supports taking screenshots from the DirectX/Direct3D games and during the DVD play. The program Mr. Captor can also save the received image in the formats BMP, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PCX, PGM, TGA, MNG, ICO and CUR. This is a very useful tool for web-masters, designers, developers, and so on.

Mr. Captor has a lot of unique features. It can select elliptical area from the image. It can enlarge the selected region on the image. It also can capture the menu, cursor, colors and so on. It can view an image as a HTML background. It supports drag and drop operation to exchange images. It can capture a simple animation without using additional hardware and/or drivers.

Anastasia Spiridonova
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  • You can capture not only rectangular area, but also elliptical and freehand. Also you can capture some parts of the window


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